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ThruPore recognized by Governor John Carney as important piece of Delaware’s innovation ecosystem

2021-07-01T15:25:10+00:00Press Release|

Commenting on ThruPore’s recent announcement to expand operations significantly in Newark, Delaware over the next few years, Delaware Governor John Carney said:

“Wet-lab-based companies provide […]

ThruPore poised for major expansion with move to Delaware and 55 new full-time jobs by 2024

2021-07-01T15:07:33+00:00Press Release|

ThruPore Technologies, the maker of Dr. Filter, is moving forward with plans for significant growth over the next three to five years. A major […]

Do air purifiers protect against Covid? Lawsuit says company makes ‘false’ claims


NBC News recenty reported on a class-action lawsuit against an ionization technology company on that basis that the company allegedly made “deceptive, misleading, and […]

Emotional well-being is negatively impacted by working from home according to report


The U.S. National Pandemic Emotional Impact Report is a collaborative research project between psychology researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill […]

Dr. Filter announces new program giving away 1 million square feet in first treatments.

2021-03-04T21:31:04+00:00Press Release|

Dr. Filter giving away 1 million square feet in first treatments!

Dr. Filter is proud to start the Delaware 1st Treatment Free Program aimed at […]

CDC highlights maintaining healthy facilities as one of five key COVID-19 mitigation strategies.


In its February 12th press briefing, the CDC highlighted these five key, layered-mitigation strategies:

  1. The universal and correct use of masks.
  2. […]

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