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Release Date: March 4, 2021

New Castle, DE, March 4, 2021 – ThruPore Technologies Inc. announced today the launch of its new service branded as Dr. Filter™. Dr. Filter™ is the 1st air filter treatment that kills viruses and bacteria at room temperature and is sprayed on. “Commercial real estate is really suffering from the pandemic, and we are pleased to accelerate re-opening and getting people back into buildings”, said Dr. Franchessa Sayler, ThruPore’s CEO and Founder. Dr. Sayler led a Press Conference today, announcing the launch and thanking key partners. Landlords and businesses sign up for regular treatments applied to their existing air filters used in their current HVAC systems. ThruPore applies the treatment in its own facility and ships filters to customers on schedule. The service is described on its new website,

The story behind Dr. Filter™ is grounded in ThruPore’s scientific roots. Sayler told the press, “COVID slowed our business, which is in global chemicals. So we asked the question, ‘Can a room temperature catalyst be made that kills COVID and is safe?’ The answer is yes. And it works.” The National Science Foundation funded the original science in 2020. Then, Delaware’s New Castle County helped ThruPore commercialize the technology through a CARES Act Innovation Grant. County Executive Matt Meyer, also speaking at the event, said, “We are grateful that New Castle is home to innovators such as ThruPore.”

ThruPore has conducted tests in real-world buildings and thanked its building test partner NAI Emory Hill. The New Castle County-based Property Management firm provided an empty 24,000 sq. ft. office building at 11 Reads Way for safety and airflow testing. Results are conclusive that Dr. Filter™ treatment reduces VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), reduces particulates, and does not inhibit or restrict any airflow. Competitive technologies which target airborne pathogens include air purifiers typically rated for small spaces vs. whole buildings. Many landlords are upgrading their filters to HEPA level, which may restrict airflow and shorten the lifetime of expensive HVAC systems.

ThruPore also announced several Programs to accompany the launch. The company is giving away 1 million sq. ft. of treatments to office buildings in New Castle County DE, citing its “Delaware 1st Treatment Free” Program. To help Dr. Filter™ scale, the company announced its “Sales Partner” Program, aimed at Property Managers to show the service to their landlords and tenants. Sales Partners receive a 5% commission for contracts and both Programs are outlined on their website.

About NAI Emory Hill

NAI Emory Hill is a completely full-service commercial and residential real estate firm serving Delaware and the surrounding counties of Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Founded in 1981, we have the resources to design, build, finance, lease, sell, manage and maintain commercial and residential properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

About Delaware’s New Castle County CARES Innovation Grants

New Castle County was awarded $322 million from the United States Treasury as part of the CARES Act in 2020. The County is investing in daily coronavirus testing, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 related reimbursement for municipalities and fire companies, housing assistance, and specific emergency assistance programs for non-profit organizations. The County Executive convened a Task Force of six Committees to provide recommendations on additional spending priorities, resulting in the funding opportunities listed here:

About ThruPore Technologies, Inc.

ThruPore Technologies is an innovative materials company that develops unique catalysts based on its proprietary synthetic carbon manufacturing platform. ThruPore was founded at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa in 2012 and was launched in 2014 after winning a National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Grant. In 2020, ThruPore created the 1st virus-killing spray-on air filter treatment, branded as Dr. Filter ( ThruPore’s headquarters are in New Castle, DE.